Episode 38 – (Redskins, Wizards, Nationals)

Getting back into the “swing” of things (Get it? Mike was on a Golf trip?) we dive into Bradley Beal trade talks, the Nats last couple weeks and more! Come out to Loudoun United’s unveiling of their new stadium in Leesburg, VA on August 9th! We will be there recording food reviews and much more!

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  • Pre-Show Banter – (0:00)
  • Trent Williams Absent – (16:45)
  • Beal being in a Deal? – (32:20)
  • Nationals Lately/Baby Shark – (42:15)

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A Salute to Steve


“It’s been weird,” Buckhantz said. “I’ve just kind of been watching everything from afar, and it just feels a little weird to think that after 22 years since 1997 I may not go to training camp, I may not be involved in anything the Wizards do, I may not talk to the players, or you know, have meetings or any of that.

“It just feels really, really strange.”-The Athletic

Try describing the role of a play-by-play broadcaster to a non-sports fan.

So that person tells us what we are seeing already with our own eyes?…

And in a way, they are right. It is a strange job to grasp, but a role that somehow is interwoven into the heart of the sports landscape. They are with you at your team’s lowest lows and highest of highs. They gasp with you at amazing dunks and shake their head with you at sloppy mistakes.

They become part of your viewing family. You, me, and Buck. All of us sitting around and watching a franchise that just can’t quite ever get it right.

Steve Buckhantz has been that voice for Wizards fans for over two decades.

From Agent Zero game-winners to Javale McGee missed dunks to John Wall alley-oop passes he’s been in your home. You may not even have paid a lot of attention to him. And really, in broadcasting, that’s a good thing.

If he is a seamless integration into your viewing experience, he’s done his job. Provides a little bit of clarity, provides rising levels of excitement when necessary, and makes you feel a part of the action no matter where you are watching. That’s the gig. Mix in some analysis and stories from his counterpart and you’ve got yourself a broadcast team.


But beyond the logistics and job duties is a person. And with any public-facing position, a lot of it comes down to likeability. Do I like this broadcaster? Do they seem nice?

Morals aren’t the qualification for basketball broadcasting, but listening to Buckhantz over the years you looked at him as the friendly optimist who was fiercely loyal to the team that he spent his career describing over the air. He combined his signature calls with a grandpa-esque demeanor. He was smooth, unruffled. He had fun. And we did too.

And now, unfortunately, things have come to an end.

NBCSports Washington will roll out their shiny new team of former Fox broadcaster Justin Kutcher in combination with a duo of Drew Gooden and Caron Butler this upcoming season. Things will be different, very different.

Kutcher is good, he’s been in the business a while himself, and he, unfortunately, has to bear the burden of replacing such a beloved figure in local sports. I am not envious of that gig.

Things are changing fast for the Wizards. Their long-time GM is gone, the team shuffles rosters around faster than a Vegas dealer, and the ownership group is focused on unveiling new Sports Books and higher-end dining options.

For a fanbase that already struggles with identity, the team seems to be providing no clear path to follow. Is the team tanking? Is the team going for a title? Who is the GM? Who is making decisions? So many questions, so little answers.

But Steve, we’ll miss the stability and grace you brought every single night on the air. Hopefully, this isn’t goodbye, but if it is we wish you the best of luck and we’ll think of you anytime a Wizards player hits a game-winning shot at the buzzer.



Episode 36 – (Wizards, Nationals, Grinds our Gears)

Back from a short hiatus, the boys dive into all the Tommy Shepard off-season moves for the Wiz and review the first half of the 2019 MLB season so far. Plus, Serone gets upset yet again over all the Ryan Zimmerman praise for ranking 289th in career RBI’s….

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  • Pre-Show Banter – (0:00)
  • Wizard Off-Season Moves – (17:15)
  • Nationals All-Star Break – (35:05)
  • “What Grinds Our Gears” – (53:00)

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Bradley Beal Wants To Play With Lebron James

…in Space Jam 2.

I am here for this. Beal is maybe the most underrated player in the NBA and exposure from a box office hit (let’s be honest, you’re going to go watch it) would help propel him into stardom.

Not sure this even happens, but Beal would join Damian Lillard, Anthony Davis, Klay Thompson, and WNBA Stars Diana Taurasi and Nneka Ogwunmike. Talk about star power, right Windhorst?

CBS Sports– “In all honesty, he’s been recruiting players to come and try to be in ‘Space Jam’ with him this summer,” Windhorst said, per Yahoo Sports, “and he hasn’t been able to close some of those deals. Some of the top guys he wants to come and be with him in the movie … [are saying], ‘You put me in the movie where you’re the star, I’m gonna be the one you’re dunking on.'”

Masai Ujiri Confirms He’s Staying In Toronto

Toronto Star- Raptors president Masai Ujiri says he appreciates the interest from other NBA clubs, but his roots are in Toronto.

Ujiri held an end-of-season news conference Thursday, in which he talked about his future in Toronto, winning an NBA championship and the growth of basketball in Africa and Canada.

Reports surfaced shortly after the Raptors won their first NBA title that the Washington Wizards were preparing a lucrative offer to lure Ujiri out of Toronto.

Ujiri’s wife is from Washington, and the Wizards were reportedly offering an ownership stake in the team.


This is obviously a huge blow to the Washington Wizards, who have yet to name a replacement to former GM Ernie Grunfeld. Ujiri was the name most talked about online and in the media when discussing front office candidates. Ujiri’s added NBA Champion to his resume this Summer to go along with a track record of helping franchises make the next step. He briefly worked as a scout for the Denver Nuggets before being hired by the Toronto Raptors in 2008 as assistant GM. He returned to Denver as GM and VP of Basketball Operations and won the NBA Executive of the Year award in 2013 before returning to Toronto as GM and President of Basketball Operations.

It is obvious why Ted Leonsis wanted Ujiri to run the front office. During his Toronto tenure, he took Toronto from 4th in the Atlantic to 1st in his first year, ending a five year playoff drought, won 5 division titles (including having the best record in the East in the 17-18 season), and ECF in 2016. He took a huge risk in firing Coach of the Year winner Dwane Casey and pulled off the steal of the year (and maybe century) by trading for Kawhi Leonard AND Danny Green without giving up any young pieces and just one protected 1st rd pick. The Wizards wanted him so badly, they were willing to give him ownership stake.

Washington Post- For several weeks, speculation has persisted about the Wizards’ interest in Ujiri. By late Thursday night, various news outlets detailed the proposed offers: close to $10 million annually, six years for $60 million or even a percentage of ownership and control over other Monumental Sports & Entertainment properties. The Post also reported on the Wizards’ link to Ujiri and that “a potential offer would have to include a pathway to an ownership stake.”

$10 million a year is a huge pay day, not to mention the ownership stake that was reportedly offered. Leonsis has since denied that any offer was or would be made, stating that he would “take his time” in forming the new front office. With the 2019 NBA Draft already in the books and free agency starting in five days, it seems that Leonsis is content to wait this out until the right candidate comes along.


Wizards 2019 Draft/Off-Season – (Chase Hughes)

We are joined by NBC Sports Washington’s Chase Hughes to talk about the Wizards 2019 Draft Picks, Salary Cap implications and more! Take a listen for some great content!

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Episode 34 – (Capitals, Wizards, Nationals)

The Capitals have made some moves and the Wizards are in a standstill whether or not Masai Ujiri will become the next President of Basketball Operations. Meanwhile, our Nationals have yet to make their run with the biggest home stand of their season this week! Plus, the United States Women’s National Team (USWNT) demolished Thailand last week as we get into the criticism of our ladies by the media. Take a listen!

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  • Pre-Show Banter – (0:00)
  • Capitals Off-Season Moves – (16:00)
  • Wizards Draft Talk – (31:15)
  • Nationals Huge Week Ahead – (53:20)
  • “What Grinds Our Gears” – (1:07:25)

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Episode 31 – (Redskins, Wizards, Nationals, Pine Pony)

We had to reschedule our interview with Rashad Mobley, but it did not stop us from touching on all D.C. sports of the week! We discuss another 20 minutes of food and randomness (our specialty) to start and get into Dwayne Haskins audio, Wizards Lottery let down and more…

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  • Pre-Show Banter – (0:00)
  • Dwayne Haskins Audio – (23:35)
  • Wizards Lottery Let Down – (41:20)
  • Nationals Lately – (58:35)
  • “Pine-Pony Express” – (1:29:00)

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Episode 30 – (Wizards, Nationals, Food Game)

If you want “old school” Serone & Simpson, this is the episode for you. With the Nats and Wizards being the only ones with real importance at this time, we got into MAJOR discussions of many foods that we wish were part of our daily diets. Even though this is a sports podcast, we still enjoy the food conversations almost as much as we like eating the food itself…

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  • Pre-Show Banter – (0:00)
  • Wizards Draft Lottery – (25:00)
  • Ryan Zimmerman Comments/Nats Talk – (38:50)
  • “This or That” Food Game/Food Tangents – (1:04:00)

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Episode 26 – (Skins, Wiz, Caps, Nats)

As we forget to start the show and reminisce on our shows history, we eventually get into some thoughts on Josh Rosen possibly to the Redskins, the Wizards draft position, Capitals series vs. Carolina, and the “Pig Pen” Nationals Bullpen that has stunk up the joint for most of the eight games so far…

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  • Pre-Show Banter – (0:00)
  • Josh Rosen to Redskins? – (17:00)
  • Wizards Draft Positioning – (26:50)
  • Capitals Playoff Series vs. Carolina – (32:15)
  • Nationals Bullpen Woes – (51:30)
  • “What Grinds Our Gears” – (1:18:40)

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Episode 25 – (Caps, Wiz, Redskins, Nats)

With no special episode for the first time in weeks, Serone & Simpson are back to the status quo going over the Capitals clinching their playoff spot, the Wizards hopefully losing more to get better draft stock, the Redskins front office woes, and the Nationals opening series loss to the rival Mets. Plus, the fun stuff which includes: Pine Pony Express, Ben’s love for American Idol, and Mike’s hatred of Ryan Zimmerman continues…

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  • Pre-Show Banter – (0:00)
  • Capitals Clinch Playoff Birth – (18:30)
  • Wizards Draft Position Update – (30:25)
  • “What If” Redskins Front Office – (45:15)
  • Nationals Series Opening Loss – (58:50)
  • Mike’s Zimmerman Rant – (1:15:45)
  • “Pine-Pony Express” – (1:38:40)
  • Ben’s Thoughts On Serone’s Groomed Dog – (1:52:52)

Music By: Kenneth Thomas (www.DJKennethThomas.com)

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Episode 24 – (Capitals, Wizards, Redskins)

The Capitals are starting their playoff preparations and the Wizards are finally starting to tank. Plus the Redskins apparently don’t draft players to fit their scheme’s according to Doug Williams. Makes total sense! Check out all of our special edition episodes on the Washington Nationals as well!

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  • Capitals Poised For Playoffs – (02:15)
  • Ben’s Food Dilemma – (11:00)
  • Wizards Lose Four Straight – (12:45)
  • Doug Williams Comments – (21:20)

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Episode 23 – (Capitals, Wizards, Redskins, DC United)

Is walking needed in life? We are getting close to floating chairs like in the Pixar movie “Wall-E.” Landon Collins is a Redskin, the Caps staying the course and the Wizards aren’t doing anything exciting once again. Check out the latest episode and stay tuned for our Nationals infield preview to come!

Lastly, we have Jonathon Warriner of http://www.MakingTheMadness.com coming on the special edition episode talking everything March Madness! He will give some insight and information for some teams you may not know about in this years tournament!

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  • Pre-Show Talk – (0:00)
  • Capitals Staying True – (13:15)
  • Wizards still trying to win? – (24:25)
  • Redskins New Additions – (39:50)
  • DC United Discussion– (57:30)
  • “What Grinds Our Gears” – (1:04:25)

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Episode 22 – (Capitals, Wizards, “Grinds Our Gears”)

What is it with Alaska? What about Gas Attendants? Where did they all go? Take a listen to this condensed version of the podcast. Check out our Washington Nationals position preview special editions!

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  • Pre-Show Shenanigans – (0:00)
  • Capitals Surging – (11:55)
  • Signs of Grunfeld Downfall? – (21:55)
  • “What Grinds Our Gears” – (38:52)
  • “Pine-Pony Express” – (50:00)

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Episode 21 – (Capitals, Wizards, Nationals)

The duo is back on the mics from the brief hiatus of the holiday weekend. Spring Training has begun and the boys are ginned up. Join in on the action as Ben talks about the “Lovers Kit” from his hotel during Valentines Day. Also, we discuss a Frenchmen getting 4-Months in prison for a brilliant theft attempt, and answer a few Spring Training questions for the Nationals!

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  • Pre-Show Banter – (0:00)
  • Capitals Trade Deadline Acquisitions – (19:10)
  • Wizards Terrible Defense – (38:45)
  • Spring Training for Nationals – (1:00:00)
  • “What Grinds Our Gears” – (1:33:00)
  • Long-Time Guest “Ian Hollerin” – (1:43:30)
  • “Pine-Pony Express” – (1:45:50)

Music By: Kenneth Thomas (www.DJKennethThomas.com)

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Agent Zero ready to set Big 3 League on FIRE


Today’s current crop of Wiz fans may have forgotten just how dominant Gil was in his prime. The man would also have THRIVED in today’s social media dominated NBA with his wild thoughts and antics. This guy was a WEIRDO.

Don’t sleep on the Big3 league. Old studs, reignited by competition again, trash-talk, etc.

I will be SHOCKED if Gil doesn’t put at least 50 shots per game.

Also let’s not forget this man was getting paid long after he stopped playing for the Wiz.

All hail Hibachi.

UPDATED: League says NOPE no travel for Beal

UPDATE: Sam Dekker weighs in:

Here is a look at the play everybody’s been talking about:


I don’t care what the league says, there is literally no way in the world that wasn’t a travel. I love Brad, but you can’t possibly watch that play and think “nope, that is clean”.

Episode 20 – (Super Bowl, Capitals, Wizards, “Smoothie Review”)

Have you ever ordered something off of a Facebook Ad or similar then regretted it immediately upon receiving that said thing? Take a listen and find out what Ben’s “Fast Blast” smoothies have turned out to be. In addition, Super Bowl recap, Wizards trade deadline and more…

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  • Pre-Show Banter – (0:00)
  • Recapping Super Bowl LIII – (22:40)
  • Capitals Improving Play – (43:20)
  • Wizards Trades and New Faces  – (1:00:00)
  • “What Grinds Our Gears” – (1:26:16)
  • Ben’s “Fast Blast” Smoothie Review – (1:48:15)

Music By: Kenneth Thomas (www.DJKennethThomas.com)

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Episode 19 – (Bruce Allen, “KFC Food Review”)

Breaking down the first Bruce Allen presser in over 588 days took us a bit but we took down each question asked by reporters down in Mobile, Alabama. For our next food review we went with the KFC Limited Time “Famous Spicy Chicken Bowl” for only $3. You cannot beat a deal like that, plus the fact it was one of the best fast food items we have every had in our over 27 years of existence on planet earth. Take a listen…

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  • Pre-Show Banter – (0:00)
  • Bruce Allen Presser Breakdown – (28:20)
  • Capitals Half-Way Point – (1:34:33)
  • Wizards Coming Around?  – (1:43:26)
  • Food Review “KFC Famous Spicy Bowl” – (1:54:03)
  • “What Grinds Our Gears/Pine-Pony Express” – (2:05:31)

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Episode 18 – (NFL, Nationals, Capitals, Wizards)

Back together again with football, beer and a whole new food review for the masses, check out the duo as they converse about food, old PC games, and wedding gaffes from friends hired as DJ’s. With more plans to come for the near future, that include but are not limited too, video elements, more guests etc., check back each and every week for all the new things we have in store!

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  • Pre-Show Banter – (0:00)
  • Food Review (“The Habit Burger Grill”) – (19:30)
  • Redskins Update/NFL Championships – (37:12)
  • Nationals/Kris Bryant Discussion  – (53:32)
  • Capitals Struggles – (1:09:00)
  • Wizards Current Outlook – (1:23:13)
  • “What Grinds Our Gears/Pine-Pony Express” – (1:36:10)

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Episode 17 – (Redskins, Wizards, Capitals, Nationals)

The snow has put a damper on traveling to do our in-person show but the show must go on. Through the technology of cellular phones, we brought you a show that includes Kentucky natives throwing ham at one another, what we do on “snow-days” and much more to do with the actual product, D.C. Sports. Check it out!

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  • Pre-Show Banter – (0:00)
  • Redskins Coaching/NFL Divisional – (13:50)
  • “New Look” Wizards – (31:30)
  • Capitals Resiliency  – (1:00:05)
  • Nationals Depth Moves – (1:26:06)
  • “2-Point Conversion” – (1:40:45)
  • “Pine Pony Express” – (1:45:45)

Music By: Kenneth Thomas (www.DJKennethThomas.com)

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Episode 16 – (Skins, Nats, Caps, Wiz)

It is 2019 and the boys are back! Check out this fun filled episode to ring in the New Year as Serone & Simpson talk Pixar movies, fast food condiments, and what 2% of our audience come to hear, DC Sports. Check out the timestamps below to fast forward to your favorite parts and/or just listen to the entire episode because you should. Case & Point.

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  • Pre-Show Banter – (0:00)
  • Redskins Overview – (23:15)
  • Nationals Off-Season Update – (55:31)
  • Capitals Near All-Star Break – (1:17:10)
  • Wizards Turmoil – (1:29:54)
  • “2-Point Conversion” – (1:39:55)
  • “Pine Pony Express” – (1:49:49)

Music By: Kenneth Thomas (www.DJKennethThomas.com)

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Episode 15 – (Redskins, Nats, Wiz, Caps)

Join the famous duo as they discuss the Redskins getting back in the win column, Mike Rizzo (Nationals GM) making yet another move to bolster the roster, the Caps winning 5 Straight and the Wizards not shocking us at all with their lack of intelligence. The “2-Point Conversion” & “Pine-Pony Express” are included as always and you can skip ahead to your favorite parts of the show in the timestamps below.

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  • Pre-Show Banter – (0:00)
  • Redskins Win – (13:39)
  • Nationals Moves – (36:36)
  • “2-Point Conversion” – (56:23)
  • Wizards Shame – (1:10:55)
  • Capitals Hot Streak – (1:20:50)
  • “Pine Pony Express” – (1:26:50)

Music By: Kenneth Thomas (www.DJKennethThomas.com)

Episode 13 – (Skins, Nats, Caps, Wiz)

Join the boys as they discuss the Redskins collapse, Nationals movement, Caps hot streak and more! Plus you get two very intriguing Pine Pony Express news stories and Ben’s “Fan Fest” experience with the infamous Kevin Long!

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Music By: Kenneth Thomas (www.DJKennethThomas.com)



  • Pre-Show Banter: (0:00)
  • Redskins Collapse: (16:00)
  • Nationals Movement: (54:13)
  • “2-Point Conversion”: (1:06:30)
  • Capitals Hot Streak: (1:15:00)
  • Wizards Discussion: (1:26:18)
  • “Pine Pony Express”: (1:33:45)

Episode 12 – (Redskins, Capitals, Thanksgiving Ratings)

Serone & Simpson have such busy lives they have to connect through technology that is obsolete in today’s age; Cellular Telephone. Join them as they discuss the Redskins loss to the dreadful Dallas Cowboys, the Capitals resurgence upon Tommy Wilson’s return to the lineup, Over/Underrated Thanksgiving dishes and more!

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Music By: Kenneth Thomas (www.DJKennethThomas.com)


  • Pre-Show Banter – (0:00)
  • Redskins Loss to Cowboys – (2:39)
  • “Two-Point Conversion” – (37:30)
  • Capitals Resurgence – (53:17)
  • Wizards Update – (1:03:03)
  • “Pine-Pony Express” – (1:10:27)

Episode 11 – (Redskins, Wizards, Capitals)

Join Serone & Simpson as they journey through the depths of pizza decision making! Plus, there is some sports talk with the Redskins getting screwed out of a win, the Wizards playing horribly, and of course the “2-Point Conversion” & “Pine-Pony Express.”

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Music By: Kenneth Thomas (www.DJKennethThomas.com)



  • Pre-Show Banter (Pizza, Pasta, Grievances) – (0:00)
  • Redskins Loss to Texans – (15:35)
  • Wizards Discussion with Guest *Alex Harasty* – (50:12)
  • Capitals Update – (1:25:09)
  • “2-Point Conversion” & “Pine Pony Express” – (1:31:53)

Episode 10 – (Redskins, Wizards, VA Tech)

Join Serone & Simpson as they are joined by multiple guests and entertain the masses with their love of pizza, random nice people at adult beverage establishments, and the best news stories you probably have yet to hear about on your local news channel! Subscribe, Download Episodes, Rate and Review!


  • Danny Nokes (@Danny Nokes) – Virginia Tech Football & Basketball ~ (7:00)
  • Redskins BIG WIN over Tampa Bay ~ (37:11)
  • Marcellus Bowie (@TheLegitCEO) – Wizards Debacle ~ (1:17:25)
  • “2 Point Conversion” ~ (1:31:20)
  • “Pine Pony Express” ~ (1:38:26)

Music By: Kenneth Thomas (www.DJKennethThomas.com)



Blow it all up, Wiz lose 107-95 to the Grizzlies



Might as well just show Grizzlies highlights.

Oh here is a good one

Wall with 22 pts, 7 assists, 5 boards but NINE turnovers.

Beal shot 5 for 16 from the floor and 4-12 from three.

With Morris still sick Jeff Green got the start but went 2-6 from the field and 0-2 from downtown. Finished with 4 pts and 5 reb.

Oubre was the only one to get anything off the bench pretty much with 16 pts.

1-6 start to the season, please just blow it all up now and save us the misery.

Next Game:

Friday vs. Thunder at 8PM on ESPN

The Ringer: “The Wizards Are the NBA’s Must-See Soap Opera”



Link to article above

An accurate depiction of the last few years:

These Wizards—with John Wall, Bradley Beal, and Porter together as the stars—are on their sixth season as the most maddening show in the NBA. The franchise reached the Eastern Conference semifinals just two seasons ago, but any hope that the script would feature a happy ending went up in flames shortly thereafter. The 2017-18 campaign came off like a bad soap opera with a host of miscast characters openly fighting in full view of the cameras, only to have it all end when they were shoved off the playoff stage in the first round. Even Showtime would have canceled them by now, but Grunfeld and the Wizards keep pushing variations of the same plot into production.


Episode 8 – (Redskins, Capitals, Wizards)

Serone & Simpson take back the mic’s as they discuss the Redskins big victory over the New York Football Giants, moving them to (5-2) and (2-0) in the division. Ryan Kerrigan stopped wearing a mask and became “Ryan Kerrigan” again, the Defensive Line proved yet again they are one to be reckoned with, and DJ Swearinger was masterful once again. Capitals, Wizards, “2-Point Conversion” and more…Subscribe, Download Episodes, Rate and Review!

Music By: http://www.DJKennethThomas.com

Website: http://www.DCCrossover.com

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Good night for DC Sports, Caps and Wiz win on the West Coast

If you are like me then you are not an insane person and couldn’t stay up to watch some of these games last night on the west coast. But, if you are like me then you are also really sad that you didn’t get to stay up and watch these two teams pick up some nice wins.

First, the Wiz:


Kieff poured in 28 pts, including going 6 for 10 from deep. Oubre with 22 off the bench and a nice line from Brad Beal: 25 pts, 8 reb, 7 ast.

It took an OT effort, but that is a HUGE win to pick up on the road in Portland to start the road trip.

It’s funny, because Mike and I were just talking about how worried we were for this team headed into the next few games but the boys balled out. (Except Ian Mahinmi who played four minutes, picked up two fouls, 0 reb, and 0 pts)

Next, the Caps:


Coming off the shootout loss to Florida, the Caps needed a nice bounce-back game. Ovie continues his rampage as he picks up four points.

Backstrom snagged his 600th NHL assist as well.

These types of nights don’t happen often for DC fans, so let’s definitely enjoy this one.

Episode 7 – (Va Tech, Redskins, Caps, Wiz)

The Redskins beat the Cowboys 20-17 at FedEx Field this past Sunday which propelled them to sole possession of 1st Place in the NFC East! We’ll have our thoughts on that along with our “Notes with Nokes” segment previewing the Hokies game this Thursday against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. The Capitals & Wizards have gotten underway as we also discuss their starts.


  • “Notes with Nokes” Virginia Tech vs. Georgia Tech – (1:40)
  • Redskins vs. Cowboys Reaction – (26:35)
  • Washington Capitals Talk – (42:40)
  • Washington Wizards Talk – (55:00)
  • “2 Point Conversion” – (1:07:40)
  • “Pine Pony Express” – (1:20:00)

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Game 1 Wizards Grades

Let’s go ahead and assign grades to the Wizards players on their loss last night. Why? Because we feel like it.

First up, the man himself, John Wall

Miami Heat v Washington Wizards

Grade: A

Stats: 26 pts (9-16 FG, 2-7 3PT, 7-10 FT), 9 Ast, 3 Reb, 3 Blk, 1 Stl, 3 TO’s. 

Give this man a full season without injury, these are the kind of numbers you expect. Wall went hard all 36 minutes, but clearly was a little gassed at the end. The Wiz are a missed Wall three-pointer away from being 1-0. Bad shot decision when he could have driven and drawn contact? Possibly.

Bradley Beal

Miami Heat v Washington Wizards

Grade: B-

Stats: 20 pts (7-16 FG, 2-7 3PT, 4-6 FT), 2 Ast, 1 Reb, 1 Stl, 1 TO)

Overall an okay night from Brad. Hit a couple three’s, but unfortunately not much else. The foul trouble plagued the ‘zards all night, Beal had 5 and only was able to play 27 min.

Otto Porter Jr. 

Miami Heat v Washington Wizards

Grade: D+

Stats: 9 pts (3-7 FG, 0 3PT, 3-4 FT), 0 Ast, 11 Reb, 3 Stl, 3 Blk

I know, a little strange for a guy to get a D+ when he almost gets a double-double. Otto Porter needs to do…more. Multiple guys off the bench get more shots up than he did (Jeff Green put in a great case to try and earn the starting SF spot), he didn’t tally a single assist, didn’t shoot a single three, this was not a great game from OP. Both Heat forwards outplayed him.

Markieff Morris

Grade: C+

Stats: 11 pts (3-8 FG, 2-3 3PT, 3-4 FT), 2 Ast, 5 Reb, 2 Blk, 3 TO’s

Kieff is always going to be a hit-or-miss player. Some nights he’ll be on, some he’ll be way off. Tonight he was pretty good. He is out there to be a bruiser, hit a few threes, but definitely needs to put up higher rebound numbers. The Wiz were DESTROYED on the boards last night (55 to 40). Including allowing 22 offensive rebounds to Miami. That can’t happen.

Ian Mahinmi

Grade: D

Stats: 3 pts (1-2 FG, 3-4 FT), 1 Reb, 1 Stl, 2 Blk’s

Well, with Gortat gone, and Dwight hurt, here is a look at what Mahinmi does with a starting opportunity. Not good. Brooks only gave him 12 min as well. Mahinmi is definitely more fashioned to provide energy and physicality off the bench. He is not a starting center in this league.


The Bench

Jeff Green: 17 pts (6-12 FG, 2-4 3PT, 3-3FT), 4 Reb, 1 Ast, 1 STL, 2 Blk’s

Grade: A

Great Debut for Green, this bench is definitely better than last year.

Jason Smith: 4 pts (2-3 FG), 6 Reb

Grade: C

Foul trouble, another guy that couldn’t stay on the floor tonight.

Kelly Oubre Jr: 9 pts (2-8 FG, 0-3 3PT, 5-6 FT), 6 Reb, 1 Blk

Grade: B-

The mental side of the game still plagues Oubre. Picked up a stupid tech for taunting.

Austin Rivers: 9 pts (4-7 FG, 0-3 3PT, 1-2 FT), 2 Ast, 1 Blk

Grade: B

Not a bad debut, would have liked to see those assist numbers be higher.

Tomas Satoransky: 4 pts (1-2 FG, 2-2 FT), 3 Reb, 3 Ast, 1 Blk

Grade: B

Oh look, Tomas outrebounded the Wizard’s starting center.

Jordan McRae: Did not register a minute

Troy Brown Jr: DNP

Thomas Bryant: DNP



In case you missed it…Wiz lose heartbreaker to Heat 113-112


What a crappy way to start the season. Getting outscored 28-23 in the 4th, including an absolute backbreaker by the anti-christ Kelly Olynyk

This looks very much like the Wizards of old, possibly helped by the fact that Dwight Howard didn’t play. Love to have your brand new Center be injured right off the bat.

Wall looked great, doing things like this

He was feisty John tonight, getting into a few scraps along the way. It seems that Wall is taking NO S*** this season

That’s cool and all, but you HAVE to close out games.

Wall finished with 26 pts and 9 assists (with 3 blocks as well)

Beal added 20 pts, and was 2-7 from deep.

Wiz fans seem to be over Otto at this point, okay night from him with 9 pts and 11 rebounds. But only took 7 shots all night in 33 minutes. There HAS to be more production from him.

Rivers with 9 pts in his Wiz debut, Jeff Green looked like a beast with 17 and 4.

That was a winnable game, and the Wiz blew it.

Next Game: Saturday vs. Toronto (1-0) 7PM ET

Otto #42, Beal #27, Wall #24 in SI 50-11 List

SI revealed their top 50-11 NBA Players of 2019. The rest will be released later

You can see the article here: https://www.si.com/nba/2018/09/10/top-100-nba-players-2019-lebron-james-stephen-curry-dirk-nowitzki

Wizards within 50-11

Otto Porter

#42: Otto Porter

Porter (14.7 PPG, 6.4 RPG, 2.0 APG) isn’t one to amaze—only to steady his team with quiet capability. The vast majority of his shots are created for him, though Porter adds value the moment the ball touches his hands. If open on the perimeter, Porter (who finished third in three-point percentage last season) is a lights-out shooter with a high release point. Should the defense give his shot the respect it deserves, Porter can drive in response without veering out of control. Restraint is the through line of his game. One can always trust in Porter to play within himself, gifting his coaches and teammates a certain peace of mind. Porter is the player you never have to worry about.

These are virtues best appreciated in contrast. If a team were composed entirely of players with Porter’s disposition, the offense might seesaw into eternity one non-committal pick-and-roll at a time. Yet in any more typical ecosystem, Porter would be welcome for his range, his patience, and his defense. Two-way, low-maintenance players are championship mortar. What Porter needs are the right bricks.

If an opponent really wanted to scheme away Porter’s offense, they could. There’s nothing particularly intricate going on in how he gets his points. But attaching a defender to deny Porter shots will still serve his intended purpose, making life that much easier on the creators around him. Reducing the game to 4-on-4 will favor any competent offense. Porter, meanwhile, can still assume critical defensive responsibilities and facilitate his team’s best lineups by flexing between positions. Nothing is wasted with Porter, even when he assumes a background role. 


#27: Bradley Beal

This was a stretch season for Beal (22.6 PPG, 4.4 RPG, 4.5 APG), who not only played all 82 games for the first time in his career but went half that time without John Wall. The experience was illuminating. We saw Beal run even more pick-and-roll than usual, approaching each with a new disposition. Taking over the responsibility for an offense can’t help but change a player. Even though Beal will always see the game as a scorer first, he was more patient when it came to reading the floor and letting his options develop. The lesson, contrary to the extreme reaction at the time, was not that the Wizards are better off without Wall. It was that the Wizards are better off without Wall dominating the offense, which Beal could do more to help orchestrate.

Every year, Beal’s handle gets a little tighter. His crossovers these days aren’t quite so unruly, which allows him to work in straighter lines. The more direct Beal’s game is, the better; he’s so good at slamming on the brakes—only to pull-up for a jumper or pivot into one—that any momentum he generates works to his advantage. Beal’s touch is natural, but his moves are earned. You can see the patterns in his footwork that would only materialize through repetition, as he sorts out how to attack out of any situation and at any angle. Maybe the most underrated part of Beal’s game is the sheer accessibility of his scoring. No matter where he’s positioned, there’s always a way through.


#24: John Wall

As always, Wall (19.4 PPG, 3.7 RPG, 9.6 APG) has paid careful attention to the perception of his standing relative to his peers, noting in an August interview with NBA Sports Washington that “a lot of guys don’t talk about me being a top-five point guard.” Although SI.com ranked Wall as the fifth-best point guard and 13th overall player at this time last year, it’s impossible to argue that he lived up to that billing. The five-time All-Star missed half the season due to injury, ranked outside the top 45 by PER, Win Shares, Real Plus-Minus and WARP, and was quickly bounced in the first round of the playoffs. At 28, Wall has never led a 50-win team, he’s led just one top-10 offense, and he’s won just three total playoff series during his eight-year career. That body of work doesn’t compare—at all—to the likes of Stephen Curry, Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook.

If Wall returns to full health and 20/10 production, he belongs in the mix for a top-five spot with the next tier of point guards: Damian Lillard, Kyrie Irving and Kyle Lowry. But regaining his footing in that conversation requires more than just flashing his incredible athleticism, maintaining his improved three-point percentage, and recommitting himself on the defensive end. Wall spent a good portion of last year sniping with Marcin Gortat, and his ball-dominant approach briefly led critics to wonder if Washington was better off without him when he was injured. If Wall can make meaningful strides as an inclusive and empowering leader both on and off the court, the Wizards are far more likely to reach their playoff ceiling. When that happens, he won’t need to waste his time and energy fighting for respect. He’ll get his due. 

SI’s Top 100-51 Players of 2019 List


SI revealed their top 50-100 NBA Players of 2019. The rest will be released later

You can see the article here: https://www.si.com/nba/2018/09/10/top-100-nba-players-2019-lebron-james-stephen-curry-dirk-nowitzki

Only one Wizard falls within 100-50:

#69-Dwight Howard

Like a July 4th cookout or a family trip to the waterpark, a change of address for Howard (16.6 PPG, 12.5 RPG, 1.6 BPG) has become a rite of summer. The eight-time All-Star center has landed in Washington via Charlotte and Brooklyn, continuing a cycle of new GMs dumping him as quickly as possible and desperate GMs talking themselves into a gamble that will almost certainly backfire.

The 32-year-old Howard is far removed from his prime years and probably leads the league in worn-out welcomes, but his reputation shouldn’t completely eclipse his performance. Last season, he missed just one game, he made Charlotte better both offensively and defensively when he was on the court, and he was one of only five NBA players to average 12 points and 12 rebounds. While Howard’s defensive impact, mobility and effort have atrophied—thereby limiting his utility in the postseason—he still ranked among the league’s most productive rebounders and finished 70% of his shots in the basket area. It’s too late for the former No. 1 pick to become the player and teammate everyone has hoped for, but he remains a worthy option as a starting center. 

Gotta think Beal and Wall will be in the top 50 when that comes out.


Markieff Morris: Asset Or Liability?

This is my question for the Wizards. Is Markieff Morris producing more energy than he is taking? It seems as though sometimes he puts minimal effort out there on the floor. It’s in the little things. I have witnessed him drop or roll the ball to teammates rather than passing to  them. I have witnessed him avoid high fives. We need a good teammate.

Image result for markieff morris

We need Markieff to produce like his twin brother Marcus is doing on the Celtics. I personally believe that Keef is capable of doing this. He just needs to get running more. Sometimes his athleticism seems lacking. This is obviously not the case considering he is in the NBA.

He has a pretty decent shot, but we need him to be multi-faceted. We need rebounds from the 28-year-old. The 6’10 forward only averages 5.6 rebounds in his career. This is the same amount of rebounds that he averaged last season. We need double-digit rebound games if he is going to be a starting forward in the NBA.

I like Keef, but his attitude and effort on the floor make it hard to do so. We need Keef to be chippy. We need him to fire up other players. If we wanna make the playoffs then we need more. The way he has been playing is just not cutting it. Hopefully he has been working this offseason and will come out next season ready to actually play like a winner. The Wizards are slowly putting the pieces together. My expectations are that Markieff can give us what we need. If this does not happen then he is wasting the Wizards’ time and money.

Dwight Howard Is Gearing Up For Playing In DC By Going To…. China?

Basketball Society Online – Currently, in China, Howard took to Instagram live and made a trip to a shopping mall. While there, he went to a faux ski wintery mix element where he put on a winter coat and walked around before sitting on a ride that had the eight-time all-star suspended from the air.

Sounds like summer fun while also preparing for the East Coast elements in the Washington, D.C. area. Howard, a native of Atlanta Georgia has never played NBA basketball in a cold city with stops with the Orlando Magic, Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers, Atlanta Hawks, and Charlotte Hornets.

Dwight Howard is continuing to live his best life while making round in the Southeast Division – the division with arguable the best weather in the NBA. You can maybe make a case for the Pacific in the West with 4 out of 5 teams being in California, but the weather in Phoenix is set to rise above 100 degrees the next three days. 100 degrees is a 100 degrees no matter what, even if it is a dry heat.

Regardless, we all could only ever hope to live a life as unbothered as Dwight does.


Monday Morning DC Sports Roundup 8/27/18

Time to go back to work, hopefully we can help distract you for a bit before you start on those emails.


Adrian Peterson’s debut went well.

Twitter Reactions to AP

As for the Skins as a whole, preseason is preseason. Some good, some bad.

Broncos Beat Redskins in Preseason Week 3-recap


Highs and lows last week, this weekend started off terrible with back-to-back shutout losses

Game 129

Game 130

But FINALLY, after 32 consecutive innings, the Nats pulled off not only scoring a run but also demolished the Mets.

Game 131

Still not looking great playoff-wise.


Nothing super eventful. We dropped a few Wall blogs.

John Wall Summer of Separation Vid

John Wall-Supernova


Just waiting to kick off the hunt for back-to-back Cups.

Other Notes

Shout-out to the Mystics!!

Be sure to check out the debut of our podcast (should already be on iTunes, or will be soon)

Episode 1

Happy Monday Party People.

John Wall: Supernova

This is exactly what we need from the 27 year old; a supernova. We need the star to explode. Let’s not forget who we are dealing with. This is the same player who shocked the world in his one year spent at the University of Kentucky. With dazzling performances he pretty much left people’s jaws on the floor.

So why exactly is John Wall not still shocking the world? I believe it is due to being too comfortable. John Wall has been in the league for 8 seasons. His numbers over the years have been pretty consistent.

Why can John Wall not cross the threshold into superstardom? He is an all-star, which should not go unnoticed. But John Wall has shown glimpses into the depth of his skill level. Here is a taste of said glimpses:

I believe John Wall to be in the top 3 point guards  in the league. However, going to and watching Wizards games it seems as though John Wall just is not trying hard on a consistent basis. Sometimes he just does not make an impact out there. It is pretty impressive that he can be as good as he is without looking like he is trying his hardest. (The T-Mac effect)

John Wall needs the mentality of Kobe Bryant. Now, maybe John Wall is not going to have the legacy of Kobe Bryant. He is clearly one in a million. But my question is, why not? Why can’t John Wall leave a legacy behind him. John Wall needs to go his hardest at all times.

If this happens, I believe we are in for something special. If it does not, I believe John Wall will fade into the NBA as just another “good” player who’s star eventually burnt out…

John Wall: Summer of Separation Video Dropped – Here are 4 Key Points

A few takeaways from the video in case it was too long for you:

Cole Anthony has the full endorsement of John Wall

Cole Anthony, son of NCAA champion and Knicks 1st round pick, Greg Anthony – has received offers from Duke, Gtown, Kansas, UK, Louisville, UCLA, UNC, and Villanova. According to ESPN, Anthony is the #1 Class of 2019 PG and a future NBA Draft lottery pick. He is scouted as a modern day PG, an explosive athlete who can score from anywhere. The NY native will spend his senior year at Oak Hill Academy. (Notable Oak Hill Academy alums include Carmelo Anthony, Michael Beasley, Rondo, Harry Giles, and some guy who goes by KD.). The senior Anthony said that Cole is planning on announcing his commitment as late as possible.

You can watch Anthony’s highlights here.

John wears gloves to lift weights

This is maybe the second worst thing you can do in a weight room behind curling in the squat rack. And normally, I’d be totally against this, however, wearing gloves prevents calluses. I’m for anything that will protect his $170 million dollar hands. Which means we can continue to see plays like this:

Keef Morris Sighting!

Markieff Morris makes a cameo at the 6:37 mark in the Ballislife video. Or is it Marcus? That isn’t for me to try to decide, nor is it for you.

John Wall gave away 1,000 backpacks filled with school supplies

For the past 5 years, The John Wall Family Foundation has hosted an annual BackPack Giveaway. This year John and the Foundation gave away 1,000(!!!) backpacks and took photos with school kids in the Southeast D.C. area. John has always made it a point to give back to the community, both in D.C. and his hometown of Raleigh, NC. That not only includes these giveaway events, but also serving as a mentor to AAU players and being a huge supporter of Bright Beginnings, a non-profit in D.C. that assists homeless children under 5 years of age get an education.

Capital City Go-Go Expansion Roster Selections


Take a look, if you are into that sort of thing.








Lavoy Allen



Temple/Northern Arizona Suns

Northern Arizona Suns


Quinton Chievous



Hampton/Santa Cruz Warriors

Santa Cruz Warriors


Michael Cobbins



Oklahoma State/OKC Blue

OKC Blue


Will Cummings



Temple/Darussafaka Basketbol Istanbul

OKC Blue


Alex Davis



Fresno State/CEZ Nymburk

Northern Arizona Suns


Will Davis



UC Irvine/Windy City Bulls

Windy City Bulls


Kellen Dunham



Butler/ Okapi Aalstar

Iowa Wolves


Duje Dukan



Wisconsin/Fort Wayne Mad Ants

Fort Wayne Mad Ants


Alonzo Gee



Alabama/Sioux Falls Skyforce

Sioux Falls Skyforce


Luke Harangody



Notre Dame/Ratiopharm Ulm

Delaware Blue Coats


*Tyler Harvey



Eastern Washington/Antibes

Stockton Kings


Pe’Shon Howard



USC/Reno Bighorns

Stockton Kings


Vince Hunter



UTEP/Memphis Hustle

Wisconsin Herd


Stephen Zimmerman



UNLV/South Bay Lakers

South Bay Lakers

Good ol’ Pe’Shon Howard from Maryland. Gee and Allen “bigger” names as well.

Go Go-Go.


Kelly Oubre Jr.: What’s Next?

Image result for kelly oubre 2018

Things are changing for Kelly Oubre Jr., and I don’t just mean with his hair, tattoos, and fashion sense. The improvement of Oubre has been gradual but noticeable. This past season his focus was on his 3-point shooting. His 3-point percentage went up from .287 to .341. He went from making 54 3’s in 2016-17, to 126 made 3’s in 2017-18. That is a more than double jump by Kelly. His minutes have gone up and so have pretty much all of his other numbers. The question that has to be asked is: what’s next for the young player?

Oubre has great bounce and I believe driving will be the next step in his career. He shied away from it last year as he was constantly behind the 3-point line. If he can bring his intensity into the paint and combine that with a killer mindset, his play will go up drastically. In fact, I would even go so far as to say that if he improves in his driving, he may even beat out Otto Porter for the starting small forward spot. Now, I realize this is far off, but it is worth being talked about. If Porter does not improve his game much this season then I see Oubre taking his job at some point. It may not be soon, but it is coming. I personally hope Porter lives up to expectations, but it is realistic to say that he probably won’t.

Another area that I see Kelly Oubre improving upon this coming season is his basketball IQ. He sometimes is a victim of making many more mistakes than other more experienced players. Dumb plays happen, but if he is to cut these plays out from his repertoire than he can do some serious damage.

He is such a fun player to watch and the DC fans really do love the kid. His entertainment value is through the roof as he is very prevalent on the internet and social media. He makes headlines with his sometimes strange fashion sense but his play really does the talking for him. As I said before, his intensity is unmatched. This partly comes from his young energy but it is also due to his attitude towards the game. He works harder than most so he has been getting the opportunities that he needs and will likely keep getting them

Oubre demonstrates great hustle as well as sportsmanship and it appears that he just enjoys playing basketball. Oubre needs to go from young player to young STAR. Does he have that in him? I believe so. He makes plays when he is given the opportunity and his minutes have become plentiful. He is better than your average backup small forward. This is just a plain fact. While other areas of the country may not have recognized this yet, his time to be talked about will come. I believe it will come soon.

Image result for kelly oubre weird fashion


Evolving Austin Rivers

Image result for austin rivers

I miss the old Austin Rivers.

He seems to have blended into the league as your average guard. I followed Austin Rivers throughout high school and even got his autograph back in those days. I specifically remember him showing up to the gym in his custom gold Beats By Dre headphones and catching the eyes of everybody in there.

He was a McDonald’s All-American and played in various well-known basketball tournaments. He even led his high school team to a Florida 6A state championship. Following that Rivers continued to set a u18 FIBA Team USA record with 35 points against Canada.

Austin Rivers used to be a basketball machine. He was like a street baller out there. His handles reminded me of that of Jamal Crawford. He could take just about anybody’s ankles out from under them with his old crossover. I mean it, his handles were just plain filthy.

Coach K really put Austin’s skills to use at Duke while he was in college. He would have pulled up on anybody in the NCAA, and he did. This is why he left after one year.

Somewhere on his path in the league he became your average fundamental guard. I want John Wall to bring the beast back to life. I have not pinpointed exactly when the beast died. I don’t know whether the change in his game was due to Alvin Gentry, playing with his father, or just the change of pace that the NBA offered, but today’s Austin Rivers is not the one that I am familiar with.

Let me be clear, I think Rivers has a high basketball IQ, has a solid jumper, and passes well. What I’m saying is there is a side to Austin Rivers that most fans are not even aware of. This is the Austin Rivers that I want to see on the Wizards this year.

Wake up the beast.

What Exactly Can We Expect From Dwight Howard?


Let’s take a quick look into what to expect from Howard this season.

1. Scoring Inside


Dwight Howard averaged 16.6 points in the 2017-18 season. That’s double the amount Marcin Gortat brought to the table with 8.4 points. With other teams in the league forming super rosters, scoring is a necessity down low to complement the main scoring done by Beal and Wall. While Dwight is becoming that of a veteran, this may be the perfect move to revitalize his career and bring in some 20 and 20 games.

2.  Entertainment

Howard is known as a showman. Whether it be his pranks pulled or his dunk contest performances, Dwight is a pure entertainer. One characteristic of his that is not reflected in his numbers is his smiling. Dwight always seems to have a smile on his face. This makes him a fan favorite wherever he goes. He will bring this to the court and may even be responsible for the Wizards to actually have some fun playing the game of basketball.

3. Rebounding

Obviously, Dwight is a rebound machine. Standing at 6’11 and 265 lbs., he is a force to be reckoned with. Last season Dwight averaged 12.5 rebounds per game. As previously stated, we want some 20 and 20 games out of him. A drop in his rebounding occurred when he was constantly moving teams, but last season he put up numbers similar to those of when he was on Orlando. Hopefully, the numbers keep climbing. The expectations are high for him to outshine the work that Gortat did. This is no small task. I believe Dwight is up to the challenge.

4. Inside Information

Dwight Howard has played for five teams (not including the Wizards). After a successful stint in Orlando, he bounced around from team to team. Dwight is now 32. Howard knows the ins and outs of the league and hopefully, he can pass along some of his knowledge onto the younger players on the team. I have a feeling he will evolve Ian Mahinmi’s game, which is very needed. I was shaky about Mahinmi becoming the starting center but this eases my worries. I like Mahinmi and enjoy his back up performances coming off the bench with high energy. Hopefully, Dwight can turn Ian into a better player overall in his short time here.


5. A Better Attitude Towards The Game

Led by the tough play of John and Keef, the Wizards have a chip on their shoulder every time they come out. While intensity is not a negative, the players sometimes get distracted and let their emotions get the best of them. Dwight will bring a fun loving viewpoint towards the game that will hopefully rub off on the other players. The Wiz should remain physical but should not aim to be a dirty team. Famous scuffles with teams like the Raptors and the Celtics show the immaturity of the Wizards and sometimes cost them. Hopefully, Howard can get them to ease up and enjoy having fun during the game.


Let’s give the guy a shot to prove all the haters wrong.


Last Week Tonight burns Dwight Howard

Expected, but still, ouch.

Dwight will always be an easy target for zingers but hopefully this season we will be reading a ton of stories like:

The Career Revival of Dwight Howard

How Dwight Found Happiness in DC

Howard named NBA Comeback Player of the Year

Instead of:

Wall and Howard have to be separated at the end of the 4th Quarter 

Do we want him?: Courtney Lee

Of course my favorite Wizards/Courtney Lee connection is:


OKC is hot on the trail as well, and looking to give up ALOT. This seems like an unnecessary move from Washington, as really the only spot left needed to fill is perhaps another backup PG.

But with question marks surrounding Jodie Meeks after barely performing, is Lee a good option?

Let’s take a look:

One more year for Lee but slightly better numbers than Meeks in 3P% and PPG as well as some other areas.

The bigger question is what would the Wizards give up? Selling off Mahimni would leave an injury-prone Jason Smith to back up Dwight, likely a veteran big man contract would have to follow that move.

And as for Rivers, yes it is a huge contract, BUT he also gives the Wiz a bit of attitude and chip on the shoulder play that really only Wall and Keef bring every night. I want to keep him.

My opinion: let’s see what this group has for this season. Let OKC sell the farm for an aging Lee.

5 Reasons to Pay Attention to the Wizards this Season

I know its August but there are still a few reasons to be hyped for the starts of the 2018-2019 season for Wizards fans.

1) A Healthy, Full-Strength Lineup

The above is sad. Only 30 games with the “best” starting five on the floor last season. Only 41 games with Wall even playing at all.

This year’s starting five should be: Wall, Beal, Porter Jr., Morris, and Howard. Hopefully we can get 50+ games of this group and see the benefits.

2) A Better Bench

Okay, maybe not “better”, but at least more interesting. Ernie finally did something right and made some moves that made sense. The bench is as follows:


SG-Rivers and Meeks

SF-Oubre Jr. and Troy Brown Jr.

PF-Green, Smith, and Devin Robinson

C-Mahinmi and Bryant

Still would like to see maybe a third string PG, but for now this is good. Rivers adds some depth at guard behind Wall and Beal. Meeks is a giant question mark, we haven’t seen enough of his play.

Oubre will get his and Troy Brown will be fun to watch.

Overall, I’ll take it.

3) LeBron-less East

Are the Celtics really really good? Yes. Are the Sixers and Raptors still really really good? Yes.

But LeBron is finally gone which means the Wizards have a SHOT!

4) Troy Brown Jr. is a really solid rookie

This pick may have gone overlooked by most, but the kid can ball. Great steal/defense numbers in college, third-highest defensive rebounding rate among high-major freshmen that were also 6’7 or shorter, and a 63% finishing rate at the rim.

He can pass, he can play D, that’s all the Wizards really need from him in his rookie season.

5) We have John Wall

Simple enough, the guy is entertaining every single time he steps onto the court. Now he has a legit big-man in Dwight to feed lobs to, a healthy Beal to rack up assists, and hopefully some strong enough role players in Otto and Keef.

Let’s get these boys back on the court!

Otto Porter: The Key to DC Basketball

With all-star performances by John Wall and Bradley Beal becoming the norm, DC basketball is on the rise. With the latest import, Dwight Howard, on the way, it seems as though the “big man problem” is no longer existent. Otto Porter may be the next step towards Wizards success and even a playoff birth.

His career has been on the up and up since the beginning of last season. At one point he even led the league in 3-point percentage. The expectations may be fairly low for him, but this season that needs to change. Otto Porter is better than your average player. The Georgetown alum needs to decide whether he wants to continue in this role or level up as a player.  Average numbers should no longer be expected from him. The city of DC needs more from the 25 year old.

John Wall and Bradley Beal need more. he is a knockdown shooter and a fantastic defender. He needs to add more elements to his game. My opinion: passing. If Porter improves his passing ability, the team may have more of a leader/veteran type role for him.

Another ability that he should add to his game is driving. He does not come across as that of a driver as he lacks in strength and intensity. If he decides to hit the weight room this summer this may be what the future holds for him. We need more than pure shooting. Pure shooting is Kyle Korver and JJ Redick. Otto is not this type of shooter so the duty needs to change.

This may be a lot to ask from the player, but it is necessary. It is difficult to imagine what exactly his play will be like if  passing and driving are added to his game, but we know it can only be positive. With super teams becoming common in the league, the Wizards need to do what they can to collect theirs.  Now, Otto Porter is loved by the fans of DC, but basketball is basketball and if he doesn’t add to their success, he adds to their downfall. A trade may need to occur if he does not take on this new role.

We have waited long enough. it is overdue.