Monday Morning DC Sports Roundup 8/27/18

Time to go back to work, hopefully we can help distract you for a bit before you start on those emails.


Adrian Peterson’s debut went well.

Twitter Reactions to AP

As for the Skins as a whole, preseason is preseason. Some good, some bad.

Broncos Beat Redskins in Preseason Week 3-recap


Highs and lows last week, this weekend started off terrible with back-to-back shutout losses

Game 129

Game 130

But FINALLY, after 32 consecutive innings, the Nats pulled off not only scoring a run but also demolished the Mets.

Game 131

Still not looking great playoff-wise.


Nothing super eventful. We dropped a few Wall blogs.

John Wall Summer of Separation Vid

John Wall-Supernova


Just waiting to kick off the hunt for back-to-back Cups.

Other Notes

Shout-out to the Mystics!!

Be sure to check out the debut of our podcast (should already be on iTunes, or will be soon)

Episode 1

Happy Monday Party People.

Tom Wilson’s BioSteel Camp picks are in and it looks like he’s stirring the pot as usual

Interesting move here by Tom Wilson, not picking his own teammates. Brett Connolly was none too pleased. He did choose Erik Gudbranson – who is opposing captain Michael Del Zotto’s blue line partner on the Vancouver Canucks – continuing to do things to ensure he lives rent free in the minds of every NHL player not on the Capitals’ roster. At least Ol’ Tommy Boy can admit his flaws.

I too, wonder why those guys were hot commodities… Hmm can’t quite think of anything… Nope, nothing comes to mind.