Who wants to play Tea Party?

Let’s be clear here, I am going to try and keep this short and sweet because if my last article on this celebration crap wasn’t clear enough, then really why am I wasting my time typing instead of watching Season 3 of Stranger Things?


If you have been living under a rock, the United States Women’s National Team has advanced to the FIFA World Cup Finals taking place this Sunday with a win over England. Alex Morgan ended up grabbing her 6th goal of the tournament and celebrated with a little pinky action sipping tea. If you don’t get the reference, there is a search engine called Google. Here is the video:

There was tons of backlash of her celebration. Calling it “distasteful” among other things, is so idiotic I literally cannot stand these people. I am not one to use the cliches like “you hate us because you ain’t us” or “if you don’t like it, stop us.” But the fact that all these foreign outlets are so quick to talk, vlog and share their opinions of the smallest actions the USWNT does is kind of embarrassing for all of them. You got beat. You got your a** kicked. YOU LOST! Get over it, take it across the chin and enjoy the coverage of what the world has to offer us in women’s soccer! Let’s not get caught up in what the world thinks of the USA. Let’s get jacked up for Sunday and rock out with one of the best AMERICAN rock bands of all time!  USA….USA….USA!


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