Episode 20 – (Super Bowl, Capitals, Wizards, “Smoothie Review”)

Have you ever ordered something off of a Facebook Ad or similar then regretted it immediately upon receiving that said thing? Take a listen and find out what Ben’s “Fast Blast” smoothies have turned out to be. In addition, Super Bowl recap, Wizards trade deadline and more…

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  • Pre-Show Banter – (0:00)
  • Recapping Super Bowl LIII – (22:40)
  • Capitals Improving Play – (43:20)
  • Wizards Trades and New Faces  – (1:00:00)
  • “What Grinds Our Gears” – (1:26:16)
  • Ben’s “Fast Blast” Smoothie Review – (1:48:15)

Music By: Kenneth Thomas (www.DJKennethThomas.com)

Supporters: We Organize “Professional Organizing Services” ~ Parrando’s Tex-Mex Grill

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