Markieff Morris: Asset Or Liability?

This is my question for the Wizards. Is Markieff Morris producing more energy than he is taking? It seems as though sometimes he puts minimal effort out there on the floor. It’s in the little things. I have witnessed him drop or roll the ball to teammates rather than passing to  them. I have witnessed him avoid high fives. We need a good teammate.

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We need Markieff to produce like his twin brother Marcus is doing on the Celtics. I personally believe that Keef is capable of doing this. He just needs to get running more. Sometimes his athleticism seems lacking. This is obviously not the case considering he is in the NBA.

He has a pretty decent shot, but we need him to be multi-faceted. We need rebounds from the 28-year-old. The 6’10 forward only averages 5.6 rebounds in his career. This is the same amount of rebounds that he averaged last season. We need double-digit rebound games if he is going to be a starting forward in the NBA.

I like Keef, but his attitude and effort on the floor make it hard to do so. We need Keef to be chippy. We need him to fire up other players. If we wanna make the playoffs then we need more. The way he has been playing is just not cutting it. Hopefully he has been working this offseason and will come out next season ready to actually play like a winner. The Wizards are slowly putting the pieces together. My expectations are that Markieff can give us what we need. If this does not happen then he is wasting the Wizards’ time and money.

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