John Wall: Supernova

This is exactly what we need from the 27 year old; a supernova. We need the star to explode. Let’s not forget who we are dealing with. This is the same player who shocked the world in his one year spent at the University of Kentucky. With dazzling performances he pretty much left people’s jaws on the floor.

So why exactly is John Wall not still shocking the world? I believe it is due to being too comfortable. John Wall has been in the league for 8 seasons. His numbers over the years have been pretty consistent.

Why can John Wall not cross the threshold into superstardom? He is an all-star, which should not go unnoticed. But John Wall has shown glimpses into the depth of his skill level. Here is a taste of said glimpses:

I believe John Wall to be in the top 3 point guards  in the league. However, going to and watching Wizards games it seems as though John Wall just is not trying hard on a consistent basis. Sometimes he just does not make an impact out there. It is pretty impressive that he can be as good as he is without looking like he is trying his hardest. (The T-Mac effect)

John Wall needs the mentality of Kobe Bryant. Now, maybe John Wall is not going to have the legacy of Kobe Bryant. He is clearly one in a million. But my question is, why not? Why can’t John Wall leave a legacy behind him. John Wall needs to go his hardest at all times.

If this happens, I believe we are in for something special. If it does not, I believe John Wall will fade into the NBA as just another “good” player who’s star eventually burnt out…

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