Is Krystal Koons MLB Draftable?

Every now and then we like to check in on the MLB prospects list for future Nationals acquisitions.

Today’s prospect: #1 Krystal Koons, RHP/Catcher, Koons.Com


Haven’t heard a lot about Koons so I went and checked out her film. Let’s go ahead and break it down.

A Wilson gal, old-school. Pitches out of the stretch (Strasburg-style).


Tends to lead with her two-seam fastball, slightly non-standard grip.


Not afraid to play in front of big crowds. Also goes with the Under Armor 3/4 sleeves, a solid look.


One of the biggest knocks against Koons is many scouts feel her form/motion is not MLB-ready. Glove elbow rises up, knee is not full 90 degrees. This could cause a lot of issues down the road.


Many think that catching is Koons’ ticket to the bigs. The question, of course, is her bat, her line in the Koons.Com league last season was .276 AVG, 3 HR, 55 RBI with 11 steals.


For now, Koons needs a few more seasons under her belt before we are talking Potomac Single-A.

Fangraph’s has this to say about Koons:

Arm: B, Bat: B+, Pitching: C+, Catching: A-

Krystal Koons does it all. She can give you three or four innings on the mound and follow it up with a few behind the dish. We think in the long run most MLB teams will look at her as a Catcher. Our best player comparisons: Buster Posey and Wilson Contreras.

We’ll keep an eye out as she enters Winter Ball for Koons.Com, gotta think someone will take a chance on her maybe in next year’s draft.


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