Talks continue heating up regarding the Nats and Murph, with an “unknown team” claiming him on waivers on Sunday.

In layman: That team has 48 hours to negotiate a trade with the Nats. IF no trade happens, the Nats can send Murph out and not have to carry that salary weight, OR keep him until the end of the season.

Some teams that have been thrown around as possibles:

-Cubs (not likely)

-D-Backs (possible)

-Rockies (possible)

-Astros (not likely)

-A’s (possible)

With Murph’s shabby defense, especially of late, you gotta think this would be an intriguing option for any team wanting a solid DH bat, or even putting him at 1st.

For the Nats, I am always in favor of getting value back for a guy rather than let him go for nothing. Get some arms, get SOMETHING.

We’ll keep an eye on this today, for the latest updates follow our twitter @thedccrossover

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