Interesting Mike Rizzo stories in latest Wash Post article

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Chelsea Janes has a piece released today regaling Rizzo and the recent bullpen disasters moves. For the record, Janes is a great follow on Twitter @chelsea_janes

Some of the most interesting quotes for those who don’t feel like reading the piece or have run out of free Washington Post article views:

In regards to the Kintzler move:

Soon, a different narrative emerged, one in which Kintzler’s willingness to speak his mind became an inspiration for the deal. A day earlier, a Yahoo Sports story emerged in which an anonymous source called the Nationals clubhouse “a mess.” Kintzler was not the source, he and the writer, Jeff Passan, insisted later.

But in the aftermath of that story, according to people with direct knowledge of the situation, Rizzo delivered a message to his clubhouse that warned against spreading misinformation.

Kintzler heard about that message, and went to Rizzo before he left Nationals Park, according to people familiar with their exchange. He promised him he wasn’t the source. He had already admitted to being one of the sources for a July 19 Washington Post story outlining relievers’ concerns about Manager Dave Martinez’s handling of the bullpen. He went to Rizzo, in person, to be forthright about that. So when he heard that Rizzo had told his teammates to pipe down, Kintzler worried a misconception had ended his Nationals tenure. He swore to Rizzo, on his children, he hadn’t been the source.

On Shawn Kelley:

Rizzo headed down to the clubhouse and confronted Kelley, according to people familiar with the situation. The argument became heated, including raised voices, and eventually it almost became physical, according to people familiar with the exchange. Adam Eaton got between the two of them and separated them before things could advance further, but Rizzo’s frustration was not isolated.

Scherzer and Madson also faced up Kelley that night to express their disapproval of the outburst. Not long after, Rizzo told Kelley he would be designating him for assignment, then issued his “if you’re not in, you’re in the way” proclamation to reporters the next day. The Nationals traded Kelley to Oakland, where he has yet to allow a run in four appearances, and remains disappointed with the way his two-and-a-half year Nationals tenure ended.

“I hate to be seen as a guy that was showing up his manager or selfish because I’ve played 10 years and I’ve never been that guy. So I don’t think I’d start now,” Kelley said when reached by phone after the deal. “It’s an unfortunate set of circumstances but it is what it is so I’ll move on and make the best of it.”

Pretty fascinating stuff.

By the way this is your Shawn Kelley update:

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