Otto Porter: The Key to DC Basketball

With all-star performances by John Wall and Bradley Beal becoming the norm, DC basketball is on the rise. With the latest import, Dwight Howard, on the way, it seems as though the “big man problem” is no longer existent. Otto Porter may be the next step towards Wizards success and even a playoff birth.

His career has been on the up and up since the beginning of last season. At one point he even led the league in 3-point percentage. The expectations may be fairly low for him, but this season that needs to change. Otto Porter is better than your average player. The Georgetown alum needs to decide whether he wants to continue in this role or level up as a player.  Average numbers should no longer be expected from him. The city of DC needs more from the 25 year old.

John Wall and Bradley Beal need more. he is a knockdown shooter and a fantastic defender. He needs to add more elements to his game. My opinion: passing. If Porter improves his passing ability, the team may have more of a leader/veteran type role for him.

Another ability that he should add to his game is driving. He does not come across as that of a driver as he lacks in strength and intensity. If he decides to hit the weight room this summer this may be what the future holds for him. We need more than pure shooting. Pure shooting is Kyle Korver and JJ Redick. Otto is not this type of shooter so the duty needs to change.

This may be a lot to ask from the player, but it is necessary. It is difficult to imagine what exactly his play will be like if  passing and driving are added to his game, but we know it can only be positive. With super teams becoming common in the league, the Wizards need to do what they can to collect theirs.  Now, Otto Porter is loved by the fans of DC, but basketball is basketball and if he doesn’t add to their success, he adds to their downfall. A trade may need to occur if he does not take on this new role.

We have waited long enough. it is overdue.

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